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Barbara came back from Ginnie's home in Lubec last month with a packet of old photos. The photos date back to 1953 and are of the children and Mother along with a few of Dad and one of Grand Dad and Grand Mother in California. The photos were scanned on a flat bed scanner and then slightly enhanced in Lightroom.
Easter 1955 017Grampa Shannons 1960 001Barbara and unknown 002Ginnie and Fay003Homer July 1953 004Barbara and Jonh Robert August 1953 005Christmas 1953 or 1954 006Barbara and John Robert 007Homer July 1953 008Barabara July 1953 009Dad John Robert and two others 010Dad John Robert and two others 011Barbara and Neighbor July 1953 012Ginnie, Barbara, Homer and Fay Easter 1955 015Barbara and John Robert August 1952 016Homer July 1953 019Easter 1953 020Homer1953 021July 1954 022Barbara, Homer, Fay at Gramma Carnes Home July 1954 023