Guestbook for All Photo Galleries
Dot Savage(non-registered)
Really enjoyed your 2017 Christmas photos! Better late than never- I'm a poor email user-but hope to do better! This seems to be a really nice way to share photos- should I encourage Neil to use this site if he manages to pull off his new interest in photography...?? Your turkey in the crab-apple tree is rather inspired!;-)!!
Colleen Shannon
The pictures from our wedding day are incredible! We will cherish them forever and cannot thank you enough for all your hard work!
John M Poltrack(non-registered)
Love your work, and I was really taken with the title of your website which I've often attempted to explain to people. Keep up the great work.
Lori Stolos(non-registered)
Amazing!! Enjoyed every one of your photos!
You have a great eye..Strong sense of atmosphere.. Who knew that the cute but kind of geeky boy, who sat behind me in Math, would become such a good photographer!