Early in the summer of 2014 I got an email from my nephew linking to a real estate listing for this house, http:/​/​www.​zillow.​com/​homedetails/​83-​Summer-​St-​Hingham-​MA-​02043/​56638373_​zpid/​. I grew up in this house and lived there from about age 2 to age 13. I had not been in the house for 49 years.

Recently I've been doing some home interior photography and I thought it would be a real thrill to go and photograph the house. I called the listing broker and discussed the idea - she loved it. We met and I spent about two hours photographing the house inside and out. The house was not prepped for a photo shoot, so there were a number of areas that were not going to look very good. I skipped those, especially if there were already images of those rooms in the existing photos.

The house is largely as I remember it. It has received a lot of attention - it was in bad shape when my parents purchased it in 1954 - but it still has its quirks and charms. The home is an odd mix of modern and Victorian styles, but then it was always a bit of an odd building anyway.

As you go through these photos, look at all the detail in the molding and trim. Also try to imagine that under all that wall to wall carpeting is hardwood flooring. It is a million dollar home. Sadly, it needs about that much more to get it to what it fully could be.
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