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Our first cruise on the fabulous Star Clipper barquentine sailing vessel. (We haven't gone again, but we will!) It was the most wonderful vacation we have ever had. My camera? My first digital camera, an Olympus 2MP 2040z. Took pretty good photos, too!
Star Clipper at dock in St Marten. Notice how small Star Clipper is compared to a medium sized cruise liner.Welcome aboard party.Captain Uly introduces the crew and support team.Introduction of Head Chef.Captain Uly on the bridge.First mate Bruno Borowka.Day one - St. Marten.New friends - Jack and NikkiLifeboat drill.Lifeboat drill.Relaxining on the main deck.I forget this woman's name, but she was unforgettable. Single and fluent in three languages, she made her living translating high-level business negotitations. And sailing when she could.The beach at St. Kitts.Our launch was one of the lifeboats.Foredeck under weigh.