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-Tioga Pass
-Mono Lake
-Bridgeport (town of)
-Bodie State Park
-Monitor Pass
P1320542P1320544-PanoP1320549P1320554-PanoP1320555P1320562We considered a swim...but the "beach" was rocky and difficult to walk on."tufas" created by once underwater springsMineral depositsHistoric shoreline, the water has level has fallen about 50' since LA started diverting water from the streams that feed the lake.We only went in a little. The water was three times as salty as the ocean and there were no showers.Near BridgeportP1320579P1320581The Ruby Inn in Bridgeport. The nicest hotel we stayed in.P1320590P1320592BridgeportWe had dinner at the Bridgeport Inn; it was so-so.