This is the beautiful home of Kathryn Buckless. It is known as the "Mill House". It is on the banks of Beaver Brook in Windham, NH and was originally a water-powered mill. Kathryn's late husband, Dan, made extensive improvements to the property; it is now a museum piece. The home is capable of generating a significant amount of electricity from the dam on Beaver Brook and the annual display of Christmas lights, with no concern for electricity costs, is spectacular.

These photographs were taken with a tripod-mounted m43 camera. Several images at different exposure lengths were taken for each image and these were merged,using HDR software, to create a single image with good tonal balance of the brilliant white of the lights and the subtle lighting of the illuminated areas. The photos were taken over two nights. The first night was Christmas Eve 2013 and the second was the night of the 26th with new fallen snow.

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I have been here to see the Christmas lights.....It is absolutely breath taking and thus far my favorite place! Beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing!
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